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How to apply an oil serum or cleanser.

 Always apply an oil serum or cleanser using a mini facial technique.This will enhance the serum's anti ageing, toning & rejuvinating properties and help the active ingredients to be absorbed by the skin more effectively.




Use just a squirt of oil warmed in between the fingers.


Stroke fingers from forehead to the chin several times               









Stroke fingers from the sides of the nose gently upwards & outwards along the cheekbones.









Alternate your hands stroking the fingers along the chin and jaw line.










Now using alternate hands again stroke the fingers gently upwards from the collarbone to the chin and from the left and then the right hand side.






Follow this same routine three times or until all of the oil is absorbed.

You will find that this technique used twice daily will relax and tone the facial muscles and will assist in lymphatic drainage which in turn reduces puffines giving you a more defined, toned and more youthful complexion.