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Rosacea Seasonal Skin care Autumn

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Autumn is an ideal time to re-evaluate your skin care routine by adding booster serums that focus on a specific skin concern.

Rosacea needs very gentle effective care to reduce redness, sensitivity and dehydration and an oil based serum will address these issues along with effectively protecting the skin from colder weather and indoor heating.

Intensive Serum Sensitive Skin is an ideal product to add to your routine for normal or combination rosacea skin. Organic rosehip oil rich in Vitamin C along with Vitamin E and age old remedies Chamomile and Calendula calm, soothe and protect Intensive Serum Sensitive Skin is an ideal product to add to your routine for normal or combination rosacea skin to hydrate without causing spots.Organic rosehip oil rich in Vitamin C along with Vitamin E and age old remedies Chamomile and Calendula calm, soothe and protect sensitive rosacea skin.

Dry and mature skin with rosacea and mature skin will benefit from Intensive Serum Rescue aricher formulawith added avocado and macadamia oils for extra hydration and protection from the cold and sea buckthorn to repair sore or dehydrated skin.

Our serums are specially formulated for sensitivity, redness and rosacea so will effectively reduce inflammation and sensitivity.

Use Pm – use one to two drops on cleansed face and neck followed by moisturiser.

Am- One drop can be added to your moisturiser to boost protection.

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Intensive Serum Skin Rescue Platinum awards Highly Commended 2017 by Penny Badger Botanicals

Our award winning intense blend of 100% pure plant oils in this rich is an easily absorbed rebalancing night-time treat that is suitable for all skin types and will help repair dry, mature, dehydrated and skin stressed from environmental damage from wind & sun exposure.Use at night after cleansing and toning (but before moisturising).Naturally active ingredients include softening squalane (from olives) & avocado oils, [...]

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We are proud to announce that our Intensive Serum Mature Skin has been awarded a Highly Commended badge at the Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2017 for skin care excellence in the natural and organic sector.The super serum uses 12 specialist plant and flower oils and extracts that plump and smooth skin leaving it looking dewy [...]

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Penny Badger Botanicals rosacea reviews

Nearly 10 years ago I was diagnosed was rosacea and since then had only had success with one other skincare brand which went out of business. Purely by chance a year or so ago I came across Penny Badger Botanicals skincare. Wow what a find! Together with some extremely helpful advice along the way from Penny and Anne the products [...]

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Simplicity Calming facial Serum 5 STAR REVIEWS

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Trade Show

Penny Badger Botanicals - Sensitive Skin CareCome and see us at The Natural & Organic Products Show Europe 17-18 April 2016Venus Pavilion C18A

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Why we need plant oils for healthy skin

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NEED HELP WITH YOUR SKIN?  Don't waste money on products that don't work  (because they are low in therapeutic ingredients, you are just buying water !!!At Penny Badger Botanicals we understand what your skin needs to stay youthful and healthy, really good 'food' for your skin. Just like eating really fresh organic food makes your [...]

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