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Chia Seed The Beauty Editors Favourite.

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Chia Seeds have been making news for their health benefits recently and rightly so, as they contain up 63% omega 3 content which has huge benefits to your health by reducing inflammation in the body.


What you may not know is by using Chia seed oil topically to 'feed' your skin you can also benefit from its anti-inflammatory benefits so reducing redness, itching and rashes.

But like all products we eat or put on our precious skin, we must become avid label readers as not all products are what they seem.

Here at Penny Badger Botanicals we are open and transparent about what is in our products and are proud to show Chia Seed Oil as the first ingredient in our Calming Facial Serum which uses therapeutic levels of this amazing oil so that the product really works !

Take a look at what our customers are saying and you will see that you really don't need to suffer from problem skin, nature does have the answer.


Penny & The Botanicals Team

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