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Why we need plant oils for healthy skin

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Why we need plant oils for healthy skin

Ever wondered why your skin gets dry and itchy particularly after being out in the sun or central heating? It is because of Transepidermal water loss TWL or TEWL.

It is a term associated with dermatology and is defined as the measurement of the quantity of water that passes from inside a body (animal or plant) through the epidermal layer (skin) to the surrounding atmosphere via diffusion and evaporation processes.

If the skin barrier is damaged, the amount of water emitted from the body is increased therefore increased TEWL. As there is no control over this loss of water, the TEWL can be interpreted as a reflection of the skin barrier’s functionality.
When the skin has been treated by with a layer of plant based oil serums, balms or creams the skin’s secretion processes are hindered so active plant based agents that penetrate the top layers of the skin result in a decrease in water loss.

When the climate is dry, water loss increases. When we have too little water in our skin, we need around 10% to 20%, water loss increases. When there's damage to our skin such as sunburn, rashes, wounds, water loss increases, so anything that damages the skin increases TEWL.

So what can we do to reduce TEWL?

We can stay away from things that damage our skin, like too much sun or wind exposure, extremes in temperatures, we can use a have a humidifier in the house 40% to 60% humidity is good, but the easiest is to use plant oil based serums, cleansers and balms that will help trap water into our skin or add more when needed.

Using a mild oil based cleanser will help a lot, as it will leave a light film on the skin, as well as using lotions and creams. Moisturising creams, balms and oils with occlusive ingredients will help to reduce water loss. As the film on our skin disappears which will take a several hours, the water loss will increase, so re-applying our oil based product throughout the day is ideal.

Light, moisturizing lotions, those with high water content, and low oil content, will actually increase TEWL so using oil based serums will help to reduce water loss and increase skin health.

Using serums that have oils that contain gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) like Evening Primrose Oil have in studies helped people suffering from dermatitis and eczema so using products like Simplicity Calming Serum by Penny Badger Botanicals that include GLA oils can be useful in maintaining the water content of our skin .

Author- Penny Badger

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