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 Discover your triggers and some unusual ones.

Rosacea triggers I have discovered vary from one person to another so I have compiled a list of very common triggers to avoid and some unusual ones that I have discovered through my research and from personal experience.

#1 Sunlight is  the most common trigger so it is essential to wear a sunscreen everyday.

I use an  spf 30 every day even when indoors as you can still get uv damage and flushing if you sit or work near a window.

For the beach or out door sport increase to a spf 50 or a total sunblock.

Make sure your sunscreen is mineral based as chemical sunscreens are rarely tolerated.

Look for products with zinc & titanium oxide as they create a physical barrier to the sun.

Get into the habit of wearing a brimmed hat, a peaked cap when playing sport and a pretty sunhat other times.

TIP: To avoid over heating always carry a bottle of water to drink and to rinse your face after exposure to chlorine or sea water.

#2 Wind & Cold

These are a very common trigger so covering your face with a scarf or neck gator is essential.

Look for soft natural that will not rub already delicate skin and will keep you comfortable. Ideal fabrics are fine cotton, silk and merino wool.

Although not natural a very soft fleece fabric also works well.

Tip:  Use a silk scarf under a regular scarf to stop rubbing delicate skin.