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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I have rosacea?


I have just been diagnosed with rosacea, should I use conventional medication or try natural?

By all means try conventional medication to calm your symptoms, but I do not advocate long term use of anti-biotics as they destroy your immune system leaving you prone to infection. Natural skin products along with diet and supplements will definitely help this condition with no side effects guaranteed.


How will changing to your products affect my skin?

Our products are made from therapeutic levels of plant ingredients that will significantly change the quality of your skin, particularly if you have previously been using synthetic based creams.

Your skin will feel fully hydrated, less sore and red and will feel comforted and calm.

Fine lines and wrinkles will be plumped up and less visible.




Do your products contain soya or gluten?

All of our products are soya free along and all of the oil serums, floral toners, cleansing oils and face wash are gluten free as well. Cream cleansers and moisturisers contain a small amount of oats to calm sensitivity so have a trace of gluten.

Intensive Moisture Day Lotion Light is gluten free


 Can I return a product if I change my mind or don't like it?

If you change your mind you can return an unopened and unused product to us within 2 weeks at your expense and we will refund your product cost not the postage.

As we know that when you have sensitive or rosacea skin you like to try a product we offer some of our products in 15ml airless pump containers so that you can see and feel the benefits to your skin before you buy a full size . Trial & Travel sets come with a discount code to use on your first purchase of a full size product.



Why does is the colour of serum /moisturiser sometimes different?

Products are made fresh and the colour will change slightly with each new batch, this is because with each new harvest the colour of the oils or extracts can change due to weather conditions etc.


Why is there some sediment in my toner?



 This is natural and due th the pure extracts that we add to the toner.

You may also see the odd 'speck' in the Rose range this is the pure liqourice extract that is added to this range.

How do I apply an oil based serum?

Oil serums are best used sparingly. Warm a small squirt between clean hands and gently massage with finger tips twice daily.


What will clear my blackheads?

We get black heads particularly around the nose area when pores are blocked with dead skin and sebum. Using anti-aging products that often include alcohol will strip the skin of oil, causing it to produce more sebum. Using our Cleansing Oil with Jojoba will not clog pores as it is similar to your skin's natural oils and will leave your skin nourished.


I have oily skin will an oil serum make it worse?

Absolutley not. We formulate our serum with quickly absorbing oils that leave skin matt. We use the Homeopathic principle of like works with like. If you use an appropriate oil on oily skin it reacts by producing less oil so normalising the skin.

Can I use several products together?

Yes, our products were formulated to work together, either layered or mixed together so that you can care for your skins daily changes.

You say your creams nourish the skin, how do they do that?

Our plant based skincare is full of plant oils, GLA oils and herbal extracts, and like eating good food these literally feed your skin but from the outside supplying vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, humectants and emollients to strenghten and protect skin.

I have dry  skin with acne and spots as well what do you advise?

Cleansing twice a day is your particularly important for your condition to keep your pores clear, this will help your skin expel toxins and help keep it clear. Using the Cleansing Oil will deep clean your skin without drying.

Facial Serum used sparingly twice a day will help to balance the skin and with continued use bring skin back to a normal condition.

How do oil serums help with sensitivity and redness?

Our serum is 100% plant based and formulated using oils for sensitive skin.Using appropriate oils lessens skin reaction and inflammation therefore lessening redness.

How does your serum help with wrinkles?

Whilst nothing except surgery can erase a wrinkle, we can soften existing wrinkles and by fully hydrating skin slow down the formation of new ones. Our serum uses GLA oils that deeply penetrate the skin to repair and plump the cells. Moisturisers help the top layers of the skin to remain hydrated, but oil serums hydrate deeply supply an intense delivery of anti-aging nutrients and vitamins.

Do you suggest using a serum and a moisturiser?

Yes, that is the best way of  keeping youthful skin.