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These gentle but super effective formulations have been carefully formulated to hydrate, reduce redness, calm and soothe skin back to super health and radiance.

These pure plant preparations are bursting with plant actives, anti-oxidants and Vitamin E to be an effective natural solution to ageing skin.

Suitable for all skin types even the most super sensitive and problem rosacea skin.

 Vaso-constricting ingredients help to reduce redness which include Rose Centifolia and Damascena oils and floral water to de-congest along with Liqourice extract, a proven ingredient to lighten and whiten skin so will help diffuse redness. Super anti-oxidants Green Tea and Pomegranate Extracts protect, along with a host of other soothing botanicals leaves fragile skin comfortable and calmed.

Our products have ingredients that work in synergy and are at their most effective when used together. 

 Daily routine- morning

Step 1 *Cleanse - –Intensive Soothing Cleansing Lotion or Intensive Deep Cleansing Oil with Intensive Calming Facial Wash added to washing water

Step 2 Tone –Intensive Floral Facial Toner to tone and help cell renewal

Step 3 Moisturise  - Intensive Moisture Day Cream to hold in day long moisture, tone, soften and revitalize skin.

Evening routine:

Cleanse and tone followed with an Intensive Serum to suit your skin's needs.

*Cleansing is an important part of your skin care routine and should never be missed if you want to keep skin clear and radiant. You can switch between cleansers depending on your skins needs at any given time. Intensive Soothing Cleansing Lotion will clean, soften and lessen redness and is good for normal to dry skin whilst Intensive Deep Cleansing Oil will give a really deep clean for all skin types without stripping skin of essential moisture and is good for all skin types and especially beneficial if skin is combination, oily or prone to spots or irritated skin.

Always remove cleanser with damp soft cotton wool not cotton wool pads as they are too scratchy for sensitive skin.

What our customers are saying:

Intensive Moisture Day -This moisturizer is great ! I use it together with the Intensive
Serum Sensitive, it is a super sensitive skin with rosacea sufferers best
friend. I went to a barbecue tonight and had two glasses of pimms followed by
two glasses of red wine (it was my anniversary!) AND a few spicy foods and I
experienced zero flushing and soreness and it is all down to these fabulous
products. I think the magic ingredient is rosehip oil.

Thank you Penny and her team.

Helen. Ipswich Customer since 2016