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Marigold ( Calendula officinalis)



Calendula is one of the best known and extremely versatile healing herbs that have been widely used by herbalists for centuries.

Calendula is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean and is now naturalized all over the world.

The herb is also known as ‘Pot Marigold’ the dried flowers were traditionally used in soups and stews to ward off illness.

Ancient Egyptians and Romans valued Calendula very highly, through the centuries important herbalists like Culpeper and Gerard referred to Calendula as a comforter of the heart and the symbol of endurance.

In recent years, Clinical trials on women under going radiotherapy, found a significant reduction in radiation induced dermatitus and in particular, less redness, itching and soreness.


We use a concentrated organic extract of the flowers that yields a bright yellow oil with an pleasant ‘hay like’ aroma. It is high in phytochemicals, including minerals, peptides and anti-oxidant carotene. It is used for its antibiotic, astringent, antiseptic, and anti–inflammatory effects. It also provides effective treatment for red and inflamed skin as it gently helps to constrict the capillaries.

It is an excellent ingredient in anti-aging formulas for its healing and tissue regenerating properties. This also makes it an essential ingredient in products for Eczema and Psoriasis.

Calendula is a key ingredient in our ‘Simplicity Calming Complex’ and is included in all of our cleanser lotions, face moisturisers and hand and body lotions.

Calendula is an excellent all round skin healer in all face care, body care and hair care for all skin types but especially suitable for sensitive skin.