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Our message is simple, we believe that nature holds the solution to all our skincare concerns and needs and believe in the life, healing and therapeutic properties of nature and promote a holistic approach to caring for skin and beauty.

We have created a range with unique blends that use the synergy of plant combinations that work with the skin to rejuvenate the skin. We combine ancient botanical knowledge with modern cosmetic science, that epitomises a simple approach to natural skincare and a healthy lifestyle.

Our unique blends are packed full of plant goodness to revitalize all skin types, bringing calm to sensitive or inflamed skin, radiance and tone to ageing skin and reduce redness and soothe rosacea skin.

Our high performance range is bursting with naturally active botanicals ,organic herbs, humectants, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory herbs, vitamins and organic cold pressed vegetable oils high in EFA's (Vitamin F).

We handle our plant oils very carefully by storing them in cool conditions and keeping temperatures low during the 'in house' manufacturing process to ensure optimum nutritional levels and to retain the oils integrity.

We can guarantee quality and freshness as we take the whole process from raw material to bottled product and are proud of our impressive awarded 'Free From status'.

Formulations use herb and flower extracts and low levels of carefully chosen essential oils to give a pleasing aroma but keeping the formulations as gentle as possible, giving sensitive skin the best chance of recovery from irritation and inflammation.

 We also believe in responsibly sourcing of fair trade ingredients for all of our products and packaging, supporting the use of:

  • Renewable raw materials to have a minimum impact on world resources. We believe that pure, natural ingredients are the kindest to both the skin and the environment.

        Recyclable packaging and containers to limit environmental impact.

  •  Organic Ingredients – We only use high quality, naturally active, organic where  ever possible.We are proud to use up to 95% organic ingredients and working towards being 100% in the future. Our oils are high in EFA’s ( Essential Fatty Acids) 3-6-9, organic herbs, minerals, active botanicals, Vitamins A,C,E and F, for their powerful healing and skin rejuvenating benefits, in combination with our unique 'Calming Complex', a blend of exceptionally calming herbal extracts to care for delicate skin. Our sophisticated blends work in synergy to effectively nourish, soothe and protect against the elements and premature aging.
  • Preservatives – We do not use Parabens and only use the most natural preservatives to date, in small quantities and when absolutely necessary for product safety, with some of our formulations totally preservative free.  
  • Mineral Oils – We never use them as they masks skin conditions, we prefer to use Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils to nourish and heal.
  • Free From- we display clear packaging to help customers make an informed choice.
  • Fair Trade – We try to use specialist vegetable oils, especially fair traded oils,from small scale community and co-operative projects in developing countries, to  give something back.
  •  Returns & Refunds Policy – Should you purchase any goods from Penny Badger Botanicals© that you are not completely satisfied with, or that do not achieve the desired results, we will gladly exchange them or offer a full refund. 

 Supporting our business philosophy, that a company should grow and make profits but not to the detriment of people and of life but to give something back to the community so this year and every year we give £1 of all our web sales to charity.