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Skin Sensitivity


Sensitivity is a skin condition that continues to grow .

Research suggests 10% to 20% of people suffer from a dermatologist-assessed sensitive skin.

In addition, there exist an increasing number of people with self-perceived “sensitive skin”.

This number has doubled from 25% in the 1980s to almost 50% of people now claiming to have “reactive skin”.

Coupled to this there is also an increase in the number of people diagnosed as suffering from the acutely chronic skin conditions of Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea (which are covered in their own separate section).

Included within this category we also highlight de-hydrated/environmentally sensitised skin which has developed this condition as a result of being subjected to harsh chemical based products or harsh weather conditions.

All of these conditions result  in a weakened skin barrier and an increased sensory input which results in overloading our own natural defense mechanisms causing a skin reaction.

We believe that any product to assist with these conditions, should have both barrier maintenance and repair properties, as well as an anti-inflammatory or soothing activity.

Also, because “reactive skin” has a higher sensitivity, we should try to reduce the reaction probability of the skin itself.

That has been achieved in our view by using nourishing and healing organic vegetable based oils and our ‘calming complex ‘from botanical extracts to help with inflammation in our 'Simplicity' range of products.

In addition these items would help :

  • Increase consumption of water (2-3 liters of water at room temperature)
  • Self administer a balanced oil complex of Omega 3-6-9.
  • A multi vitimin which includes zinc.
  • Improve your diet to include fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Avoid harsh extremes of temperature.
  • Within your home environment , humidify the air.
  • Use natural un-fragranced and chemical-free products for personal and household use.