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Penny Badger Botanicals Naturally Active Skincare for Sensitive Skin



     Penny Badger Botanicals-Working together with Nature


Skin Concerns:

Our all natural holistic approach to obtaining healthy skin using natural organic skincare products.

What do we mean by a holistic approach?

We mean by this that we should try to work with nature and develop a  lifestyle philosophy, which we adopt in our daily life in combination with our naturally organic lifestyle products.

How do we see skin disorders an Penny Badger Botanicals?

We see them as treatable symptoms that can be brought back into balance , with a careful combination of  naturally active herbs, extracts, oils that we have formulated into a selection of skin lotions, Skin moisturisers, creams, balms and various organic skincare products to promote a pleasing experience and provide healing relief forthe skin conditions particularly targeted at sensitive skin:

Being kind and gentle enough with their ingredients such as Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Apricot, Thistle and Rosehip oils, and botanical actives like Chamomile and Comfrey, Amaranth and Arctic Oats to work equally well  for sufferers of Psoriasis and Eczema as well as sensitive skin condition.


What else should we do to make our condition more comfortable?

We said symptoms and that infers that our skin condition is a result of something else:

A trigger or perhaps a lifestyle imbalance.

What are the main contributors to lifestyle imbalance?

Top of the list has to be :

Stress followed closely by nutrition and then sleep deprivation.

Our modern lives have never had so many gadgets and devices ‘to save us time’ .

We have so many sophisticated devices for communication ,entertainment ,transport ,housing  the list goes on…………

We should be so relaxed and devoid of stress with all this extra help but we all know that this is not the case.

Some stress may help your body to prepare for certain challenges, so it's probably impossible to live without any stress.......

But too much stress, especially if it's day in, day out, can cause physical and emotional problems.

The stresses we face in our everyday lives - such as deadlines at work or money troubles - don't really trigger a 'fight or flight' response.However, they do release the same stress hormones, and this natural reaction can damage your health and reduce your ability to cope.

In the past when work orientated activities were based on physical work the body had a natural release to channel our stress into workrelated activities, however in our modern technological age where work activity is more likely to be centered on a computer screen these imbalances do not dissipate naturally and so manifest themselves in a reaction internally with conditions such as Ulcers or externally in the conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis and Rosacea in their worst form. This is compounded by poor nutrition in our busy lifestyles. To counter stress :we suggest increasing physical activity in some way, either yoga or some form of aerobic activity, particularly if you work in an office environment.

Try to be in touch with nature each day if only just walking to engage with our earth.

To counter reactions based on our diet.... focus on Nutrition :

  •  Always try to eat Whole foods
  •  Avoid any processed foods and try to eat organically produced produce as  much as possible.
  •  Avoid salty foods and foods such as ready meals that contain a lot of hidden  fats.
  •  Avoid any product which has artificial ingredients
  •  Replace tea, coffee and sugary drinks with still water that has been filtered, herb or fruit teas
  •  Cut down on alcohol or stop drinking alcohol altogether-  Drinking excess  alcohol has been proven to increase stress not lessen it.
  •  Extra additives also exacerbate skin problems
  •  If you still smoke –try to cut down or stop, smoking is not only bad for your internal health it degrades the condition of your skin.


  •  Avoid direct sun between 12-3pm when it is at its hottest and cover up and also use broad spectrum SPF both sun exposure and smoking being a primary source of wrinkle formation.

In summary try to maintain a balance in your life : Balanced diet, balanced work and play, physical and mental activity.

 We  have included some additional facts on the accompanying pages.

 We hope that our products will make life better for you.

 Penny Badger Botanicals