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Thistle ( Carthamus tinctorius )




Thistle oil or Safflower oil is a seed crop that is a member of the thistle family and is a native of  the Mediterranean, but is now cultivated in Australia, USA, China, India and parts os Africa.

Its seeds contain a light yellow oil with the highest content of linoleic ( omega 6 )  up to 81% of any other vegetable. It also ia an excellant source og omega 3 and is high in natural Vitamin E.

We use it in our dry face moisturiser for its skin nutrition, and in our Simplicity Normalising Day Moisturisers for its ability to rebalance and normalise skin by reducing pore size.

It is also included in our formulations for hand and body for its ability to increase blood circulation. Enhanced circulation to the skin will help deminish blemishes, scars, itchiness and cold hands and feet.

Taking an holistic view to health and beauty, including this highly nutritious, mild and slightly nutty tasting  oil in your diet, will  help to top  up your levels of essential fatty acids that will help keep your skin soft and elastic.