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Serum application - Use your choice of Intensive Serums before, or instead of applying your moisturiser.

Apply sparingly and massage very gently into face and neck ech evening or as often as required. If you have very dry skin you can follow with your choice of moisturiser for an intensive skin boost, Intensive Moisture Day is perfect for locking in moisture all day long.

If you have oily or problem skin use alone to help balance and soothe.

If you have a problem with redness or rosacea you may use Moisture Day Light redness as a treatment.

For optimal results Penny recommends a daily mini facial -

After cleansing, gently massage with your choice of Intensive Serum  to help clear toxins in the skin, reduce puffiness, boost circulation and aid lymphatic drainage.

Step 1. Warm 1-2 drops of serum in clean hands then massage onto skin with upward and outward movements and remembering to breathe deeply the calming aromatics to soothe the mind and reduce stress.

Step 2. Lightly smooth in an outward circular direction along the cheek bones with your finger tips.

Step 3. Finish by gently sweeping your hands along the jaw line from ear to ear, then up the neck and over the decolletage.