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Customer product reviews.


We at Penny Badger Botanicals are very proud of our products and how effective they are in helping Allergic Sensitive Skin conditions, Eczema and Rosacea, but don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers are saying:

Rose Day Moisturiser, Calming Serum, Cleansing Oil, Floral Toner

Nearly 10 years ago I was diagnosed was rosacea and since then had only had success with one other skincare brand which went out of business. Purely by chance a year or so ago I came across Penny Badger Botanicals skincare. Wow what a find! Together with some extremely helpful advice along the way from Penny and Anne the products have helped my skin so much. Redness reduced, flare ups don't last as long and all the previous rosacea problems noticeably calmed.

My favourite products are the Cleansing Oil, Rose Floral Toner, Rose Day Moisturiser and Calming Serum.

Thankyou so much Penny and please don't ever go out of business!!

Helen C. Ipswich


 Simplicity Calming Chia Serum 100ml

I absolutely LOVE your products and have been using them for 4 years now, pleeeeeease keep making them, my eczema and rosacea is finally under control !

Blythe, London UK


Simplicity Gentle Cleansing Oil, Rose Floral Toner, Rose Day Moisturiser.

Thankyou so much for my order which I received today, the products are lovely, even after one use my face with roscacea feels cooler and calmer and less red, fantastic !

Helena, Norwich UK


Simplicity Calming Chia Serum 100ml, Hydrating Day Moisturiser

 I adore your products ! and my husband cannot live withoutr your serum to calm his after shaving rash.

Rosine, Lille  France


 Simplicity Calming Chia Serum 100ml

 by thefabcompany

  I have always believed in the benefits of eating chia seeds and understand how their affect on our health and wellbeing. It therefore made total sense to me that Dr Perricone and Penny Badger had both devised a facial serum based on Chia seed oil.


Back in March I wrote a short blog about them and was extremely excited when Penny contacted me and asked if I would like to try hers. Of course I said yes and have been using it now over the last two months.

 The name ‘Simplicity Calming Facial Serum’ promises to calm the skin and hydrate. Containing Chia Seed Oil to calm any redness, as well as address fine lines and wrinkles, Rosehip Oil to restore radiance, Evening Primrose Oil to hydrate and heal and Japanese Rice Bran Oil to soften and mattify, so skin is not left greasy. So did it live up to my expectations?


This blend of oils, although light in texture, is enough to moisturise, hydrate and some!

I wore it at night as I found it helped restore my skin’s radiance and moisture best while I was sleeping. Each morning I would wake with softer, smoother and more plumped looking skin. Particularly effective when applied to cleansed and exfoliated skin, as the oil penetrated to the deeper layers of the epidermis as it was absorbed more easily.

 This definitely gets the thumbs up from me and will continue using it, Chia seeds are a real miracle!


Simplicity Calming Facial Serum.

 'I found talking to Penny at the show very informative. I have been using the Calming Facial Serum for my reactive adult acne for a few months now and am really loving how it feels on my skin (not at all greasy as some may think). It does calm my skin and I feel it is helping to reduce the redness. It is lasting for ages, but when it runs out I'll be sure to go on the website and order more. Thank you'.

 Nicola B. Vitality Show Winner

 Simplicity Rose Floral Toner

 ‘So relieving and kind’

 Struggled with skin problems for years and this was instantly soothing with a wonderful smell too. Within a couple of days the redness and irritation was much less and has continued to improve. Wish I had found the products before - one of the blessings of the Internet in mature years!! Already recommended friends to visit your site’.

 SJL, Dorset

 Simplicity Calming Facial Serum

 'I wanted to let you know what a fantastic product your Calming Facial Serum is. I have been using it for almost a year now and my acne and scarring is completely gone. I had been using Darphin and Decleor but found their oils too fragrant and the essential oils irritated my skin. I found relief from the first time I tried the sample you sent me, no stinging or over powering smell and best of all it sinks in really fast so that I can put on my mineral powder makeup. I read on your website that the best way to treat oily skin is with appropriate oils that trick the skin into producing less, well I am living proof that this theory really works !' Thankyou so much for such a great, may I say life enhancing product.'

 Kylie, London

 Rose Day Moisturiser 100ml

 ' Just wanted to write to say a heartfelt thank you for your amazing products and the difference they have made to my skin. I have never in all my long years of searching for a natural solution to my skin problems, (rosacea, acne and peri-oral dermatitis), found products that heal my skin in the way that yours do. The results have been almost immediate and my skin is so calm and smooth.

 Even when I took antibiotics for six months in a desperate attempt to normalise my skin, it did not look as good as it does after one week using your products. It is not an exaggeration to say that these products are life changing. Please don't ever stop making them!’

  Alexandria , London

 Rose Day Moisturiser & Calming Facial Serum

 ‘I just wanted to thank you so much for letting me try the products. Now that I have tried them, I am hooked for life and will reorder once I run out. I really have not found any products like these in the past 10 years and have really tried everything. So thank so much’

 Blanche, London

 Simplicity Calming Facial Serum

 'I am the kind of person who is really skeptical about creams. I also have had many bad experiences with oils because I found they gave me pimples or even dried out my skin even more. Penny recommended the oil, because my face was so dry from a skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis.

 I started out using it morning and night as a moisturizer and loved what it did to my skin. It was not as oily as other oils I had used and did not give me pimples instead it nourished and calmed my damaged sensitive skin. After one month of using it, I noticed my skin texture appeared more smooth and dewy. I did find after using it for a month that I didn’t need to use it twice a day, as it was too much for my skin so I switched to the rose moisturizer in the day and still apply the oil at night. I have also been receiving many compliments from people about how my skin glows. That makes me feel like I want to use it even more.


If you only can afford to have one beauty product in your bathroom cabinet, I would pick this one. It hydrates and nourishes your skin and leaves it glowing'.

 Blanche Merillet, London – Vitality Show Competition Winner 2012

 Simplicity Hydrating Day Moisturiser

 'I must honestly tell you that I am extremely fond of the skincare. I had never heard of the products until I was told that I had won the prize. I was a bit worried about a reaction as I have been using the same old stuff for years. I was a bit concern about the moisturiser as I was so accustomed to a "greasy look" on my face. I used a little primer before applying a foundation and my face looked great (that's what my friends said). I had read in a beauty magazine that one should try other brands but I was a bit cautious. A change is definitely good. Thanks You so much. I am now in the process of ordering some body lotion'.

 Sandra Smith Vitality Show Prize Winner 2012

 Rose Cleanser, Toner, Moisteriser

 ‘I have a skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis which is dandruff of the face. Extremely embarrassing and leaves your cheeks permanently red and flaky—you also cannot use make up because of the texture of the skin.

I have tried very many products, but can’t actually use any anti-aging products on my skin because it makes my condition worse. When I met Penny at the Vitality Show, I decided to give the products a try because Penny said that she also suffered from a skin condition and actually made the brand because she couldn’t find any products she could use. I must say, it is amazing and really works.

 After using for one month, not only does my skin shine and glow, but the flakiness has pretty much gone and my skin does not have the permanent dryness it used to have. I am also someone who doesn’t like to wash my face with cleanser too often because it makes my skin dry, but the cream cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I really enjoy using the products because of how they leave my skin feeling. I have been recommending to all my friends who have skin conditions, as this is by far the best solution I have found.


I am the kind of person that would spend any amount of money on skin care, I have even used Crème de la Mer for several years, but Penny’s rose range is far superior to this. You actually feel like you are nourishing your skin’.

 Blanche, London

 Simplicity Calming Facial Serum

'I love Penny’s facial serum, I have skin allergies and have turned to natural and organic brands to help nourish my skin.

 I have never used a 'Serum' before and was worried that the oils would cause a breakout. It sunk in quickly with no oily residue and didn't cause a breakout at all.

 In person she is lovely ( I met her at The Vitality Show) and believes 100% in the products that she has created. Think of these as an investment in high quality products that will that will make you radiate and age gracefully. She also treads lightly on the Earth, using recycled packaging and renewably sourced ingredients.’

 Mollie Millington- Health & Wellness Coach, London

 Rose Day Moisturiser

'I have been using this product for the last six months and my skin is a million times better. I have had rosacea for the last 7 years and have not found any product that has helped. A friend introduced me to this product and my skin feels great. The redness has reduced and my skin no longer feels hot and sore. I thoroughly recommend this moisturiser! I love it!'

 Ali, Edinburgh

 Simplicity Nourishing Body Lotion All Skin Types

 Just like all the other skin care products, on your body this feels like you are feeding it the most healthy luxurious food. It absorbs really well, smells great, and leaves your skin feeling silky soft the next day. I have noticed an improvement in my lower legs which have been damaged by lazer treatments and are fairly dry and flaky’.

 Blanche, London

 Simplicity Normalising Day Moisturiser

'Would like to say thankyou for the prize of the 'Simplicity Normalising Day Moisturiser'. I found the moisuriser to be easily absorbed, conistency is just right, not to light or heavy. Pleasant smell, ingredients felt comfortable on my skin which adapted to it with no problems whatsoever. Liked the pump dispenser, allows you to have just whats needed. All in all a lovely organic face cream which I would recommend to anyone looking for a product with natural ingredients that wants to maintain a gentle but thorough skincare regime.

 Thanks again, will order once I have finished one I have received, was using Dr Hauschka before and would consider your range as a strong contender.'

 Sandra Dwyer, London-Vitality Show Runner up

 Simplicity Nourishing Body Lotion

'Great hydration. I love this lotion! skin on my hands and feet is very dry. After using it for just 2 days my skin improved so much! Thank you!'

 Kasia , Leighton Buzzard

 Simplicity Gentle Cleansing Oil

 ‘I absolutely love this cleanser, especially for removing make up after a long night out. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and completely moisterized even though it is only a cleanser. For someone with sensitive skin, I find it very soothing and love using it. The smell is also really refreshing and soothing’.

 Blanche, London

 Simplicity Floral Toner

'A really great toner ,very delicate smell. I'm using it daytime just to cool my sensitive skin down, and also at night before the night cream and it keeps my face fantastically moisturised'.

 Kasia, Leighton


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